Within our services we carry out mortgage-free conveyancing. This could be in the form of clients wishing to downsize or selling in order to go into a care home; we also sell property as part of the administration of estates.

We also find that many clients who inherit properties are now buying properties to let which we can assist with if the transaction is mortgage-free.

We also carry out deeds of trust involving the multi-ownership of properties, for instance, where an elderly relative sells their own home and moves into a large home with younger members of the family. Such a situation is fraught with problems and a detailed legal document setting out the rights of the different owners is important for all concerned. The same document can be used when parents help to fund their childrens’ first properties but may want to have some control on the situation.

If a mortgage is involved we usually do not act because the financial companies expect us to be on a panel. As this is not a core part of the work we do, application has not been made to be on the various panels, but please ask because we are in contact with some financial companies who offer equity release schemes.