Our motto is ‘we advise on law, but do much, much more.’

We can help in the following ways:

  • Assist with negotiations with estate agents when you are selling a property;
  • Help you to de-clutter;
  • Sort through old paperwork and advise on what can be thrown away;
  • Advise on what furniture you can reasonably take when downsizing;
  • Arrange for unwanted items to be sold;
  • Arrange for meters to be read and utility companies notified of a move to get final readings.

These additional services are not necessarily charged out at our legal services rates but we would discuss with you at the beginning who would be available to help and how that would be charged for.

We also have a list of tradesmen but we would recommend you take a look at the Buy with Confidence scheme operated by Surrey Trading Standards is the first port of call to find a contact.  We are also a member of Support with Confidence which provides a database for those who may require assistance with providers of care and support.