Freehold sale £1,900.00 £2,280.00
Discharge of mortgage £350.00 £420.00
Leasehold sale £2,300.00 £2,760.00
Discharge of mortgage £350.00 £420.00
Freehold purchase** (without mortgage) £1,900.00 £2,280.00
** New build purchase additional fee £400.00 £480.00
Leasehold Purchase** (without mortgage)

** New build purchase additional fee







Inlcudes the following:

  • complying with money laundering requirements for ID purposes
  • checking Land Registry documents
  • searches and enquiries – (additional fees apply)
  • drafting sale agreement and transfer
  • exchange of contracts
  • requisitions on title
  • work up to completion
  • post completion work
  • SDLT form
  • Registration







































Abortive transactions will be charged at the hourly rate.

Possible other disbursements payable by the client, not included in the above fees:

Land Registry office copy and filed plan £8.00
Copy filed document noted on title £8.00-£24
Deeds handling fee by bank or building society TBA
Copy planning consents and building regulations TBA
Bank or building society solicitor to redeem mortgage £150.00 plus VAT (estimated)
Local search fee £200.00 (estimated)
Drainage search fees £45.00
Environmental search fee £45.00
Land Registry search fee £5.00
Land Registry bankruptcy search fee £2.00 per name
Bank CHAPS fee £20.00
Bank BACS fee £0.45

SDLT fees as per current rates

Additional charges made for the following:-

Indemnities and Insurance £125.00 £150.00
Trust documentation in special circumstances POA
Any extraordinary drafting eg. undertakings, access, statutory declarations – each document £95.00 £114.00
Deed of Trust (where single owner transfers property) £650.00 £780.00

Conveyancing transactions on average take between 2 to 6 months to complete. 

Prices will be confirmed at the meeting with a fee earner – any work carried out which is not covered by the initial instructions received from our client will be charged in accordance with our hourly rates.

Valid until 31 December 2024